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"Our system of government is based upon a representative democracy and one would hope that any legislative body would consider the wishes of their constituents."  Honorable Judge Joseph Costello- from the 2007 Whitman trial.

I "would not put the interests of business owners above that of area residents."  LaMar Frederick- former Bedford Township Supervisor.

The Bedford Watch members have always been for positive commercial growth in Bedford Township to benefit the residents.  After checking out the facts, it didn't take us long to realize that changing the majority of the Whitman property to commercial zoning would not benefit the residents in any way. 

After the New Bedford Township board voted to change the majority of the Whitman property to allow a big box store on December 2, 2008, we then received over 650 positive e-mails of residents that did not want a big box store in their town.  Four days later, we started work on a referendum. 

Five months later on May 5, 2009, the residents of Bedford Township reversed the Bedford Township Board decision in a special referendum election.

Here are some of your e-mails:

I attended the meeting when the Monroe County Planning Commission voted on this issue and before they voted,  one of the board members asked this question, "Where is Jon Whitman and why is he not here?"  His lawyer did not know how to answer that question. 

If Jon Whitman truly cared about this town, he would at least go to the board meetings.  At least your group cares enough to go to the meetings. 

My husband and I do not know how this is going to turn out (we both signed your petition), but thanks for caring.


The Bedford Watch group is petitioning for the right reasons, you are just asking the wrong question.  You should be asking the residents if THEY would like a Wal Mart built behind their homes.  I live near the Kroger's at Secor and Sterns and that is a 50,000 square foot store and it's terrible with all the noise and traffic.  Do the residents realize that a new Wal Mart would be about 250,000 square feet?  Thank you for your service to this community.


My husband and I both object to the rezoning of the Whitman Ford parcels.  We would support a referendum.

Thanks for all your work,
Linda and John
According to their web site "the mission of the Bedford Township Trustees is to work in cooperation with other elected township officials with a view to achieving objectives designed to benefit our residents." My questions to the township trustees are how does this benefit the community and who is going to pay for the roads and the increase in the police and fire departments?  Our property taxes continue to go up and our property values continue to go down.  I don’t hear anyone disputing Bedford Watch's facts and figures and they certainly mean more to my wife and I that just someone’s opinion.  We already signed your petition at Foodtown and our vote will be for what is best for the community.   Why did it take the planning commission over 4 hours  to vote and the township board about 2 hours to vote on the same exact thing?  One of you should run for the township board, at least you ask questions.  Some of the township board members didn't even ask one question before they voted.


My wife and I both agree that our property values, already depressed, would sink even lower if a Wal Mart were allowed at Sterns and Lewis.   Our vote is no for the rezoning.   Thanks for all of your efforts.



I am against the high density commercial rezoning.  I sent a letter to Danielle at Bedford Now asking her to remind everyone of the meeting at the high school a few years back when Whitman's people had Wal Mart people tell us that Wal Mart IS coming and we can approve the rezoning and they would make it "nice" or we can deny it and they will just put in the store and the parking lot.  It was a threat, remember? I asked her to review the article that was in the Blade about it and remind all of Bedford that Wal Mart does indeed plan to build here.


I feel that John Whitman is doing a great disservice to Bedford Township to request zoning that would allow a big box store, such as Wal Mart, to jeopardize Bedford Township. This is how he repays the township for all of the years of loyalty to his dealership. I for one will not buy another vehicle from his dealership. We do not need to attract all of Toledo to shop in Bedford. It is bad enough to deal with all the traffic at Sterns and Secor created by Kroger's. This will create a great deal of blight in the township due to the many business's that will close. Let the big box stores locate at Lewis and Alexis where the blight already exists. They are actually seeking the Toledo dollar so let Toledo pay for Wal Mart and not Bedford Township. We stopped Meijers from locating at Secor and Smith. Let's band together and stop Wal Mart at Sterns and Lewis. If Wal Mart likes China so much, let them locate in China. It would take 67 trucks a day to support a Meijers, I would suspect that it would require the same amount to support a Wal Mart. I fully support a referendum to stop this rezoning and a big box store in Bedford.


I am a resident and voter in the Bedford District.  I am opposed to this land going to Wal Mart.  One reason for my opposition is the connection that Wal Mart has with the Chinese government that is eliminating jobs in our country.  Whitman Ford has prospered in this community, and now purely for financial greed is selling this community down the tube.  I am most unhappy with last night's vote. 


I just bought my very first home with my wife and young daughter on Mildred Ave off of Lewis near downtown Temperance. It was my ideal home because it was on a dead-end road, quiet, and very close to Food Town and other small businesses downtown. Now I wish that I would have done more research on the property and its proximity to Lewis Ave and the Whitman property. I don't want a Wal Mart! I don't want to run into the traffic every time I leave for work! And I especially don't want my property value to decrease, I want to be able to sell this house someday. I've read up on the destruction of local infrastructure that results from the building of a Wal-Mart in small towns. It destroys local business! This should not happen!


I am against the rezoning. It makes no sense to be able to build a big store at Lewis and Sterns when just down the street there is multiple locations that are vacant at this time.  Why didn't they survive?  I also believe that our small stores in the area will be affected and most likely go out of business.   If they put a big store in there I will take my business somewhere else.


I do not feel that Wal Mart should be built in the location of Lewis Avenue behind Whitman Ford.  There are plenty of vacated buildings and commercial sites on Alexis Road in Toledo. Who is looking out for the people of Bedford?